Math Learning Centre – Four Factors You Ought To Consider

You’ve made the decision to find help for your son or daughter with Math. When looking for a math tutoring centre for children in Edmonton, there are a few factors to consider. Who is qualified to help? Where and when will the tutoring take place? What does my child really need help with? Here are four factors you ought to consider as you wade through the process of finding the right tutoring centre in Edmonton for your child.

  • Asses what is causing the set back or struggle.

Children often struggle with math not because they dislike it, but because they are struggling to understand the concepts and keep up with the class. No matter how good your intentions, sometimes helping your child yourself can make matters worse. You may have great mathematical skills and a strong knowledge of the subject, but an understanding of math vs being a teacher of math are two very different things. Also being so close can also increase the possibility of tantrums and resistance when learning because the relationship will be different than that with a tutor.

Some math tutors only provide homework help and some tutoring centres don’t provide specific homework help so if that is something that you need, be sure to discuss your requirements with your tutor before starting a learning plan with them.
On the other hand, your child may be advanced in the subject, at which point working with a professional tutor is definitely the best route to take for the most beneficial outcome for your child and their studies.

  • Know the goals you are trying to reach

It is important that the core skills are understood in order for your child to progress in the subject. Having a goal will help your child see what they are working towards and help them map out progress and feel a sense of accomplishment as they get closer towards that.

Like reading, math builds on prior skills. If your child didn’t learn all the sounds of the letters, he wouldn’t be able to read. In math, if your child doesn’t build the basic skills, he won’t be able to progress. Key concepts like order of operations, fractions, decimals, and factors come up as often in math as words do in reading.

Effective tutors build on core skills and help your child develop from their foundations of knowledge. This allows them to go on to learn independently and progress in the subject confidently.

When you invest in a tutor you are essentially paying for results. Out tutors at Mathnasium of Edmonton are transparent with parents when discussing their projections for outcomes of learning and estimating how much time it may take to get your child back up to grade level or how many sessions per week or month you may be required to commit to in order to get the required results. Feel free to discuss this with us to see what your child’s tutoring schedule and fees would look like.

  • Learn what is causing frustration or delays in learning

In many instances we look for a quick fix to help our children pass a test or reach the grade level. However the hours of tantrums and stress over math homework can be removed at a deeper level, simply by finding out where your child’s learning has gone off the tracks. The tantrums are not because your child doesn’t enjoy the subject, it is because they don’t understand it. No one likes doing something they aren’t good at, and at Mathnasium, by finding the root cause of the problem and filling in the cracks in learning, we begin to improve your child’s self esteem and help them to get back on track with their learning, making the subject more enjoyable.

Be aware that the quick fix approach can temporarily relieve symptoms, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem. If your child is having trouble keeping up with math, it’s because they are missing core skills. As long as your child has not mastered core skills, they will continue to have problems.

A good tutoring program will use a comprehensive, baseline assessment to determine what skills are missing. Then the program should be structured to accomplish two things: teach those skills to your child over time so that the gaps are filled and provide ongoing support so your child can pass their math class. Since no two children are alike, the plan should be customized to meet your child’s exact needs.

  • Make balanced comparisons.

Again, you need to consider the type of tutoring that you are looking for. Are you looking for a tutor that will help just with homework? Or do you want a more specialized tutor to quickly get your child prepared for an exam? Maybe you need to invest more time with a tutor to go back over some of the foundations of the subject and make sure that your child has a thorough understanding of the concepts in order to catch up or move forward.

At Mathnasium our tutors are happy to also work with your child’s current school math teachers to make sure that everyone is on the same page with their learning and make the most of their time spent in sessions.

You will also want to know how much involvement may be required of you. Keeping in mind how much time and involvement you can realistically commit. Some tutors assign homework and will need your help and others try to avoid this. There is a lot to look at, and many options available to you! Start your search by meeting with us at Mathnasium of Edmonton to see how we can help your child with Mathematics.

Finishing Math Homework – Help When You Need It

Math homework can be a chore. At the end of a long day when your family wants to relax and spend time together, the last thing you want to do is spend that time struggling with tantrums and melt downs over homework. Especially in a subject that can be very challenging for your child to understand and complete. Here we will look at finishing math homework and getting the help when you need it.

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Different Tutoring Services Provided by Private Tutors

So you have made the step to begin the search for a private math tutor. There are many things to take into account when looking as not all math tutors offer the same services and approaches to learning. There are very different techniques and styles used by various tutors so let’s look at different tutoring services provided by math tutors.

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Private Math Tutor to Make Your Child Confident

Mathematics can be one of the most challenging school subjects. It is one of the subjects that is entirely cumulative, that is, it builds on the skills that are taught. When a student struggles to comprehend one skill, they will continue to struggle; For a child that may be struggling in mathematics, a tutor may be able to detect the cracks in their foundational learning and help rebuild their confidence and understanding, getting them back on track and being able to progress confidently throughout their curriculum and catching up or even surpassing their grade level expectations. Children who begin to thoroughly understand the concepts and enjoy the rewards of success and seeing the positive results of their hard work begin to develop more confidence in not only the subject of math, but other areas as well.

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Finding The local Math Tutor For Your Teen

There are several factors you will want to take into account when looking for a local math tutor for your teen. At Mathnasium Edmonton, our local math tutors are extremely experienced in the subject of mathematics but are also encouraging and focussed on the success of your child’s studies. Our aim is to make the subject and their math tutoring sessions enjoyable. We aim to empower your child, so that they can take the skills they learn at Mathnasium Edmonton and apply them to their independent learning with success and confidence.

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