Finishing Math Homework – Help When You Need It

Math homework can be a chore. At the end of a long day when your family wants to relax and spend time together, the last thing you want to do is spend that time struggling with tantrums and melt downs over homework. Especially in a subject that can be very challenging for your child to understand and complete. Here we will look at finishing math homework and getting the help when you need it.

At Mathnasium of Edmonton our personalized and friendly math tutors can work with your child to help them regain understanding of the subject of mathematics, and rebuild their confidence so that homework isn’t such a chore and they can confidently complete their homework on time and without any drama at home!

As much as we want to help our children with their homework, it is important to remember that although we may be really good at math, we are not necessarily teachers. And vice versa! Perhaps you are really good at explaining concepts and helping your child to learn new things, however math can be a daunting subject for anyone at any age, so why not take the pressure away from yourself and allow our skilled and encouraging math tutors at Mathnasium of Edmonton to take the lead in helping your child get back on track with their homework.

At Mathnasium of Edmonton we work closely with you and your child firstly to establish exactly where they are at with their comprehension of the subject of mathematics. We work with your child to learn exactly where any cracks are in their learning foundation and try to figure out exactly what parts of the cumulative learning process are missing so that we can start work right away to fill those gaps and make sure that your child’s learning gets back on track as quickly as possible. By identifying what areas of the subject your child is struggling with and which concepts they do not understand we are able to go back to where they need to pick up again and start to thoroughly learn the concepts and formulas to be able to confidently move forward.

In many cases we can also collaborate with your child’s school to make sure that we are all on the same page and compile the perfect strategy for your child’s success. We will also work with you to thoroughly explain your role in the tutoring process and exactly how much or how little you will need to be involved in your child’s new learning plan.

When homework is becoming a struggle or in some cases not even being done, it’s time to assess where your child is struggling. It may not necessarily be a resistance to doing the work. If your child is enjoying the subject and getting a sense of achievement from completing a task they will be far more willing to spend their time doing the homework. If they are sitting in front of a workbook that makes absolutely no sense to them, with no confidence to even begin solving the problems, then math homework is going to be unmanageable. You need your child to be able to experience success and understand the subject to be able to want to do it. Once they see their results after working with a tutor they will be much more willing to attempt working independently at home and dig into their homework, knowing that they now have the chance to get good results.

Help your child get that step ahead and remove the fear and confusion by allowing them to work with a tutor to clear any of the fog, and help them to understand what is being asked of them and to be able to truly comprehend the subject of mathematics and enjoy the rewards and success that will come from their hard work.
Contact Mathnasium of Edmonton today to schedule an assessment for your child.

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