Different Tutoring Services Provided by Private Tutors

So you have made the step to begin the search for a private math tutor. There are many things to take into account when looking as not all math tutors offer the same services and approaches to learning. There are very different techniques and styles used by various tutors so let’s look at different tutoring services provided by math tutors.

There is no right or wrong answer when looking for a math tutor for your child, except that they need to be the right fit for you and your child. Looking at the different options will help you to decide which is best for you and how to proceed when making the decision to get your child enrolled in private math tutoring.

Firstly, there are various different math tutoring “companies” to consider. You may find an independent tutor who has their own tutoring business. Many tutors branch out independently and have their own individual tutoring programs. This type of tutor may be a retired teacher or a young student who wants to improve their teaching skills. These are great for a highly personalized approach and may be local to you or may even come to your house.  If you are looking for convenience and versatility this type of math tutor may be ideal for you.

You may have access to private tutors through your child’s current school. Again, this may be in the form of an older student who can help to a certain degree or perhaps you would be investing in some extra time from a current teacher who is already working with your child.

This can be excellent as they will have a very deep understanding of exactly where your child is at with their learning and their learning barriers. Things that a current teacher may be in the loop with include but are not limited to topics such as the curriculum and the demands of the school and grades required along with your child’s learning patterns and also they will already know each other which will make the learning relationship a positive one.

That said, if your child is having a negative experience in school and does not enjoy that particular learning environment or their current math teacher does not understand your child’s learning style, this could be exactly where things have gone wrong in the first place.

A sour relationship between a student and teacher can derail learning entirely, and sometimes just a slight clash of personalities can really cause a problem for your child’s education. Finding a teacher that understands your childs learning style and personality is the first step to getting your child on track with their learning in a confident and enjoyable way.  Consider this when looking for  a coach for your child. Talk with your child if your school offers extra curricular private tutoring and make sure that their relationship with the teacher is a good one on which to build a stronger relationship.

There are many math tutoring companies that can help your child to further their knowledge and skills. It is important so look at the differences between the various options and learn about the tutors and various offerings that they each have. The most important thing is to find the right fit for you and your child, and on top of that, your time and budget. Knowing how much time you can spend getting to and from appointments is important as well as having a monthly tutoring budget in mind. At Mathnasium of Edmonton, we value your time and offer transparency when working with you to plan a learning path for your child. We will give you an honest timeline of what will be required to get your child back on track or reaching the goals that are being set for them. An investment deserves results, so you will want to see changes in not only your child’s grades, but their confidence and enjoyment in their studies. At Mathnasium of Edmonton we work closely with your child to make the learning experience a positive one where they will begin to see results and start to enjoy solving the problems as they will be able to understand them and not just be following blindly through a subject that causes anxiety and stress.

When exploring a larger math tutoring company, you have the peace of mind that certain processes and strategies are being used. In tutoring franchises, high standards have to be met, training is provided for staff and there are certain levels that employees and tutors must meet in order to work there. You can have peace of mind at Mathnasium of Edmonton that not only are our tutors highly skilled mathematicians, but they are also highly educated and enthusiastic teachers, who are skilled in sharing their knowledge in ways that translate to various learning styles. Contact Mathnasium of Edmonton today to learn more and to discuss an assessment for your child.

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